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Assessments can help identify:

Psychoeducational assessments can help identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. A psychoeducational assessment is usually requested by a teacher, school counsellor, parents, or caregivers when a child is found having challenges completing schoolwork or difficulties with learning. This assessment may also be requested by an adult to provide information regarding their intellectual abilities and adaptive behaviour.

Assessment Pricing

Psychoeducational and ADHD Assessments - $2600

Gifted Assessments (Westmount Charter School)

  • Students who score in the gifted range and require a report for Westmount Charter School Admission ... $900
  • For students whose results are not in the gifted range and no report is requested by parents … $500 

Gifted and Talented Education Assessments  (GATE)

  • For students who score in the gifted range and require a report for the GATE program ... $900 (Cognitive test)
  • Academic ... $900 (Achievement test)
  • For students who do not score in the gifted range and where a report is not required... $500

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments … $3,000

Disability Tax Credit Certificate Completion … $200


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