How Do Psychoeducational Assessments Help?

Psychoeducational assessments can help identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. A psychoeducational assessment is usually requested by a teacher, school counsellor, parents, or caregivers when a child is found having challenges completing schoolwork or difficulties with learning. This assessment may also be requested by an adult to provide information regarding their intellectual abilities and adaptive behaviour.

A psychoeducational assessment includes:
  • An in-depth interview with your psychologist
  • A review of academic records and previous assessments
  • A standardized cognitive and academic test with the child
  • A written report with a feedback meeting with your psychologist

At the end of the assessment process, you are provided with a written report outlining the assessment results and detailed recommendations to help support your child reach his/her learning potential. The information gathered provides a valuable resource for your child’s educators to develop an individualized educational program (IEP) to help the child succeed academically. 

Alternatively, once the assessment is complete and the child’s overall aptitude, academic achievements, and core skills are identified, you may choose to inquire about how your psychologist can work with you to devise a plan that will best address your child's present concerns.

Results of adult psychoeducational assessments provide important information for clarifying diagnoses and informed treatment plans, identifying strengths and weakness, and providing insight into ways to improve functioning

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