About the Canadian Psychologist Network
We are a team of passionate, mental health practitioners who genuinely care about our clients.

We strive to help those who come to us for counselling. We assess those who want to discover more about themselves, and we help families come together. Our goal is to preserve mental health and wellness and make an impact on people’s lives.

Many people can benefit from The Canadian Psychologists Network services, including:

  • Individuals who are suffering from mental and behavioural challenges
  • Children or adults who require counselling and/or psychoeducational assessments
  • Discovering a child’s giftedness
  • Individuals and couples experiencing relationship issues
  • People who are living either with PTSD, anxiety, and trauma
Through various assessments, effective therapies, and professional guidance, our mission is to provide our clients with the specific tools they require to live healthier, happier lives.

We can help you through our Assess, Assist, Adapt, Achieve process.  


With the help of our team of professionals, we identify and diagnose mental health problems or issues our clients may have. Although individuals don’t have to have any mental health concerns to seek us out, they might just need someone with an outside perspective to talk to.

Various assessment tools are used to diagnose an individual’s presenting problem, and a psychoeducational assessment can help identify cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses. Children and adults suspecting that they have learning disabilities may also come to us for an assessment. Individuals wanting to discover their learning and coping style can also benefit from a psychoeducational assessment. Some of these people are already professionals who would like to learn more about themselves, attain work-life balance, and reach their life and relationship goals.  


After assessing and identifying our clients’ challenges, we will create a plan for their success. Client involvement in this stage is imperative so that they may be a part of their healing and improvement process. For students, we can continue to assist them by creating a plan so that they can better cope with schoolwork.

Similarly, with other clients, we would like them to be part of their treatment; what kind of treatment is right for them, and whether they are comfortable with this type of treatment. It would also help if they believed that this will help them be better, forge a relationship of trust, and connect with their counsellor/therapist.   


We will help our clients adapt to their environment and manage their fears and their anxieties.  

If they have learning disabilities, we would like to be able to empower them to identify their weaknesses and turn those into opportunities to learn and grow. We would like our clients to become independent of us so that they take something away with them after their therapy/treatment has concluded.

Our aim is not to keep our clients dependent on us, but to give them the strength, courage, knowledge and the will to be the best versions of themselves. Our time of assisting them is over, they should be able to navigate challenges on their own as soon as they decide that they are ready.    


We would like to help our clients achieve their goals. Self-reliance is the culmination of their journey.

Whether their goal is to help overcome their anxiety, trauma, and PTSD; how to live a happy and full life while managing their mental health challenges. We would like to be a part of that success! We would like to create a map with our clients so that they know that they are not alone; knowledge, support, and expertise are with them throughout their journey of healing, living a life with trauma or abuse, relationship problems, or anything they came to us for. We would like to help create a plan for healthy healing not just for their mind, but also their overall health.

Who we are:

We are a network of mental health caregivers consisting of therapists and counsellors.

We are psychologists, therapists, and social workers.

This approach to mental healthcare is not a new concept, however, we found that there are inefficiencies in delivering quality mental health services and in the continuity in client care. Through cohesive team collaboration, our practitioners’ main focus is client care.

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